Mongrel Investments is heavily involved in the treatment of wood and with the technology that enables wood treatments of high standards.

Mongrel Investments’ WTT creosote plant is designed for the protection of building elements with particular heavy demands, and where special requirements to durability of wood in open area in earth (or water) contact are to be met. Some of the specifications are outlined below:



Common name                 Gum tree

Scientific name                 Eucalyptus Cloeziana and Grandis

1.1 Felling                            The trees shall be cut as close to the ground level as possible.

The ends shall be sawn to give a flat section and branches shall be dressed down flush with the trunk.

The poles shall then be stacked in open crib formation on flat clear ground.

1.2 Moisture content     The average moisture content of individual content of individual poles at the time of treatment shall not exceed 25%.

1.3 Defects                         The pole shall be of sound wood, free from decay, insect attack, rot pockets and any damages caused before handling and processing that would affect strength of the poles.

1.4 Straightness                A straight line from the centre of the butt to the centre of the tip shall lie entirely within the body of the pole.

Poles shall be free from crooks that deviate more than 75mm from straightness in any 2m lengths.

1.5 Dimensions                 The length of the poles shall conform to the requirements of the client, with a tolerance of +/-75mm.

1.6 Impregnation             The average moisture content of the pole at the time of impregnation shall be less than 25% of dry weight.

Impregnation must achieve a penetration of minimum thickness of 15mm as observed at the end of each pole.

The preservative of use shall be creosote.


Our production processes and systems enable us to accommodate different customers’ specifications.

Species                                                                 : grandis

Hazard class                                                        : H4 (ground contact)

Strength                                                              : 55MPa

Preservative specification                            : SAZS 514

Minimum average retention                       : 115kg/m3

Minimum preservative penetration        : 15mm


Wooden poles for use by utility service providers for power lines and telecommunications infrastructure


Transmission treated poles are produced according the specific technical requirements.

  • Drilling of holes
  • Slab gaining
  • Wire bounding at the ends
  • Specialized tagging and identification markings
  • Pole cap
  • Pole top cut (top flat, slant top and a gable top)

Other Services that Mongrel Investments is involved in include:

Full design packages are available including engineering and drafting for particular manufactured products such as switchboards and starters up to complete new Industrial Plants and refits.

Design services include:
• Complete design packages and Plans
• New build electrical system design (AC and DC)
• Electrical power generation, protection and distribution design
• Electrical drafting service

Our extensive experience with a vast array of Engineering equipment, from Plant Equipment to Electronic medical Equipment, allows our team to provide attention to detail while ensuring the best possible quality and system reliability.

Installation services include:

Supply and Installation of Wood Pole Treatment Plants

Supply and Installation of Autoclaves
• Cable supply, installation and termination
• Complete electrical system install
• Electrical power generation, protection and distribution installations

Maintenance & Repair
Mongrel Investments has been proving emergency and scheduled maintenance and repair services to a vast array of clients.

Maintenance and repair services include:

• Repairs and maintenance of Wood Pole treatment plant

• Mechanical services
• Rotating machinery repair (generator, alternator, electric motor, fan)


Mongrel Investments is able to manufacture products to meet your specific application, requirements and the installed environment. All goods are manufactured to the highest level of quality and are managed by our ISO 9001

Quality Certified System.

Labour Hire
Mongrel Investments is able to supply skilled and experienced marine electrical personnel for routine work and emergency call out. We have suitable personnel available to fill roles such as Project Management, Supervision and Tradesmen. All personnel are suitably qualified, licensed and have major passes required in the marine industry.

Personnel qualifications & passes include:
• Wood Pole Treatment Technology
• TBOSIET (Warm Water HUIT)
• Elevated Work Platform

• Treated wooden poles for Electrical or telecommunications Installations
• PLC systems