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Welcome To Mongrel

Mongrel Investments is a Zimbabwean based Wood Treatment Company. We are the Zimbabwean agent for Wood Treatment Technologies of Denmark WTT who also happen to be our technical partners. We have Set up A Wood Treatment Plant in Partnership with The Rural Electrification Agency REA which is located in Mutare, Zimbabwe.

Timber Impregnation Treatment Plant

The goal of Mongrel’s modernized WTT compact high-pressure impregnation plant is to manufacture a complete turn-key plant in our workshop and thus a plant that is operational on the client’s site in a very short time.

The WTT impregnation plant provides a first class protection against wood enemies, including rot and fungus attack.

About Us

Mongrel Investments has been providing electrical, mechanical, civil, design, manufacture, repair and installation services since its inception. Mongrel Investments was established in 2011 as an engineering company specialising in the various commercial fields. We have recently commissioned a modern state of the art wood treatment plant in Mutare. We are working with Wood Treatment Technology (WTT – based in Denmark) and our Rural Electrification Agency on the Wood Treatment Plant.

  • Creosote Impregnation Plant

    WTT creosote plant is designed for the protection of building elements with particular heavy demands, and where special requirements to durability of wood in open area in earth (or water) contact are to be met. This modern creosote oil process taking place in the plant is tailored for the new types of creosote, which are to be processed at the temperature of 130°C.

  • ThermoTreat 2.0 Treatment Plant

    This unique thermo treatment plant is designed for heat treatment of 2 to 3 batches per day, depending on thickness and wood species. The plant is therefore equipped with a high performance energy and heat transfer system.

    The heat is produced by a gas- or oil-fired boiler that heats thermal oil. The oil is used as heat transfer media in both the heating and cooling phase. In the cooling phase the heat is ejected in a dry cooler.

  • WTT vacuum-drying plant: quick drying and natural wood colors

    The vacuum-drying (VD) has 3 unique qualities which differentiate it from traditional kiln drying.

    Firstly, it dryes 3 to 5 times faster than conventional kilns and at a lower energy consumption. In this way, VD offers high flexibility in meeting customer demands because of the short cycle time. VD is especially competitive for drying difficult hardwoods such as (pre-dried) oak and is primarily marketed in the hardwood industry where high and uniform quality is important, e.g. in furniture, flooring, kitchen, musical instruments etc. but also for construction. WTT recently dried WRC beams quickly and with good results.

  • Hot Oil Treatment Plant

    This process uses hot linseed oil as an after treatment of traditional biocide treated timber used for siding and other outdoor uses.

    With added pigment, the process results in a ready to use product which is exceptionally dimensionally stable and will not require any after treatment (painting) for 5 – 25 years, depending on the actual climatic conditions.

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